The Ampd Silo is an advanced, compact and connected battery energy storage system (BESS) to replace the dirty, noisy and hazardous diesel generators that power the world's industries.

Lightweight for easy transport via forklifts, trailers, or small cranes.
Seamless integration with diverse power sources, including grid, generator and solar PV.
Combine multiple units in parallel to enhance power and energy capabilities.
Proven technology and experience from operating on 180+ construction projects.
Heavy-duty, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh environments.

Small Footprint that Packs a Big Punch

An innovative advanced mobile energy storage system that enhances versatility for industries. The Silo can be energized by a grid connection, generator, or solar array, and individual units can be paralleled together, increasing the flexibility and scalability of the system.

Use Cases

The Silo can be powered by a combination of dependable energy sources. We derive energy from generators, solar PV panels, the utility grid. Efficient. Economical. Eco-friendly. Emission-free.

The Silo is suitable for:


(railway, road, slope, etc.)



Event, Media and Entertainment


Frequently Asked
Is there any warranty for the Silo? How long does it last?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during the specified warranty period. For more information, please contact us.

What are the sources of the input/energy?  

The Silo derives their energy from various sources, including generators, solar PV panels, and the utility grid.

Is there any maintenance needed? / What is the frequency for maintenance?

At a minimum, and included in our maintenance plan, we recommend a maintenance check every 6 months. The Silo is also internet connected our online platform - Enernet,  monitors the performance of the unit in realtime and can flag any unusual behaviour before it affects the operation of the unit.

Is the Silo suitable for my project?  

The Silo can be used for construction, foundation , mining, maintenance, etc. Please consult our sales team for valuable insights on whether the Silo is suitable for your project.

How does the Silo ensure against safety matters?

The Silo has been designed and tested to the latest international safety standards for Energy Storage Systems.

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