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A Smart Battery
For Smarter Construction

An advanced energy storage system which provides diesel-free power for the next generation of construction projects.

Available in various configurations, the Ampd Enertainer is designed without compromise for the tough, dynamic and space constrained needs of construction sites.
Fully Electric
A state of the art battery system with high output power electronics powers the most demanding of loads. Enabling the use of zero or low carbon energy sources.
Internet connectivity enables remote monitoring, device management, remote troubleshooting and data analytics.
Zero Emissions
No direct "tailpipe" emissions. None of the harmful CO, CO₂ NOx, PM or SO₂ emissions of a diesel generator allowing for use in areas with poor ventilation.
Eliminate diesel handling, spills and devastating diesel fires. Lack of moving parts makes the system orders of magnitude safer by design.
Nearly thirty two times quieter than a diesel generator. Reduces noise pollution in the local community while allowing work to continue into noise sensitive hours.
Plug-n play
Drop in replacement for most large diesel generators. Can be installed and ready for operation in under 2 hours.
Automatic recharging, few maintenance requirements and a smart modular design means almost no downtime for your site operations.
Support & Service
Remotely monitored by Ampd for any issues. Quick and dedicated service team to support you on site.

Driven by software

Every Enertainer gets better and better over time through software updates that unleash new features, capabilities and performance.

And Ampd's commitment to close hardware-software integration ensures things just work, right out of the box.

Ultimate reliability and servicability

The Enertainer achieves an incredible level of reliability through its fully modular architecture, which enables multiple levels of redundancy.

A further benefit of the modular design is it enables even the most comprehensive maintenance to be performed out in the field for maximum convenience.

Obsessively engineered for safety.

Enertainer has been designed to stringent international standards and becoming certified in more and more market every month. 

Enjoy peace of mind with the fact that the Enertainer has logged over 1,500,000 hours of incident-free operation to date.

Instantly familiar, yet different

The Enertainer will be instantly familiar to any trained electrician, meaning transitioning a site to Enertainer power is fast, easy and painless.

Every panel in the Enertainer is lockable to ensure controlled access to its energised parts.
Frequently Asked
Is the Enertainer available in my country?

The Enertainer is currently available in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and UK but we are expanding further and would be very excited to hear from you. Please do get in contact.

How much does the Enertainer cost?

The total cost of ownership of using an Enertainer varies depending on the application and equipment attached to it. Please contact us for a free consultation. We can provide a proposal with cost comparison and payback calculation for your consideration.

What kind of equipment can the Enertainer power?

The Enertainer can power any type of electrical equipment. However, it is most effective when powering high power equipment with intermittent loads. These include cranes, hoists, welders, barbenders and many others.

Do I need a special cable to connect the Enertainer to the input and output power?

No. The Enertainer uses standard cables and lugs which attach to a busbar. This is similar to the connections on a diesel generator.

Do I need to get approval from my utility company to connect the Enertainer to the grid?

No. The Enertainer is unlike normal energy storage systems and should not require approval from the grid operator(s) in most markets.

How do I charge the Enertainer?

The Enertainer has been designed to accept any input power source. Most Enertainer powered projects use a small feed from a temporary power connection provided by your utility. If you do not have any power available then it is possible to use a small diesel generator and still achieve significant carbon and cost savings compared to a diesel generator attached directly to the equipment.

How long does it take to install the Enertainer?

Installation consists mostly of placing the unit and connecting cables. This can be done in around an hour or two. Since the Enertainer is mobile, it can be moved around your site during construction. You can use a tower crane, mobile crane or crane truck.

Where can I install the Enertainer?

The Enertainer is designed to be installed both indoor and outdoor as there are no direct emissions. Installation requirements are subject to local authority’s rules so please get in touch for more information of your specific circumstances.

What current should I use to charge the Enertainer?

The Enertainer can be charged up to 80A 3-phase but usually a current of 10A to 40A will suffice. For more specifications, please contact us.

What input and output voltage range does the Enertainer accept?

The Enertainer’s input voltage range is 320-440 VAC (3-phase). The Enertainer’s output voltage range is 380-415VAC (3-phase + neutral). For more specifications, please contact us.

What kind of batteries do you use?

The Ampd Enertainer uses Li-Ion batteries similar to those used in electric vehicles.

How long can the battery last?

We recommend the Enertainer is charged 24 hours a day by a current of 10A-40A so the battery should never be depleted. However, if the Enertainer’s state of charge (SOC) was at 100% and connected to equipment such as tower cranes, hoists or welders it can last longer than one working day.

How safe is the Enertainer?

The Enertainer is designed to be used on construction sites where “anything can happen”. Therefore Ampd has built in many redundant safety features for both fire and electrical risks not found on most Energy Storage Systems (ESSs). For more specifics, please contact us.

What is the expected lifetime of the Enertainer?

The Enertainer has been designed for the specific operating conditions of construction sites. The combination of the software management system, temperature and humidity controls give the Enertainer a lifetime of ten years or more.

Are there any limitations on when I can use my Enertainer?

The Enertainer can run 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. It is designed for the busiest construction sites in the world.

What maintenance does the Enertainer need?

The Enertainer has very few moving parts so maintenance is much simpler than a diesel generator. At a minimum, and included in our maintenance plan, we recommend a maintenance check every 6 months. The Enertainer is also internet connected so our team monitors the performance of the unit in realtime and can flag any unusual behaviour before it affects the operation of the unit.

For more information, please e-mail us on We’re excited to hear from you!

Is there any funding on getting an Enertainer?

Yes, it depends on which market you are in. In Hong Kong, you can obtain CITF funding.

Please contact us for a free consultation. We can teach you how to obtain funding to help your business.

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