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The world is facing an urgent need for both urbanisation and decarbonisation. Heavy industries such as construction, largely powered by diesel, account for a large part of carbon emissions.  With the race to electrification and renewables in full swing in many sectors the construction industry has lagged behind in technology, productivity and sustainability.

At Ampd we’re focused on driving the energy transition, using state of the art battery energy storage technologies, connectivity and data science to electrify, connect and optimize the industrial and construction sectors.

We aim to enable a smart, fully automated, emissions free and connected construction site of the future with highly efficient and scalable energy management.

Meet Our Team

Yogesh Singh
VP, Engineering
Julian de Jonquieres
Brandon Ng
CEO & Co-Founder
Anthony Stewart
Keith Grassi, VP, Product
Keith Grassi
VP, Product
Tara Hobbs
VP of Software

This is Ampd

Our impact in numbers

22,000 tons
of CO2 prevented
180 +
construction projects
45,000 cars
worth of air pollutants removed

Recognised By

10+ ethnicities,
13 nationalities and
18 languages

Ampd is made up of individuals of 10+ ethnicities, 13 nationalities, and between us, we speak 18 languages proficiently. We actively promote women in engineering. In engineering roles at Ampd, the ratio of women-to-men is double that of the industry mean. 

49% of people at Ampd are the first generation in their immediate families to enter university or to have other post-secondary qualification. 80% of people at Ampd feel comfortable talking about their social and cultural background, and 84% of people at Ampd are very satisfied with how we are doing on diversity and inclusion.

At Ampd Energy, we genuinely believe diversity makes us stronger and better. 

This is Ampd.


At Ampd, we’re growing and we need the best and brightest to help us build the future of energy. We’re always looking for smart, talented and passionate people with engineering, business, design, software and manufacturing backgrounds to join our diverse team.

Get in touch and send us your resume if you're interested in energy, startups, batteries, hardware, digital, embedded systems, data science, IoT, construction and leaving the world a little better than you found it.


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Get in touch with us now with your site power requirements and we’ll get you started on your transition.

We're on the lookout for smart, talented and passionate people with engineering, business and design backgrounds. Drop us a line if you're interested in energy, startups, batteries, construction and leaving the world a little better than you found it.

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