An emission free future
for construction

What We've Built

We're committed to making the construction industry emission free and see electrification and connectivity as a key part of this transformation.

The Enertainer, a battery energy storage system (BESS)

E  N  E  R  T  A  I  N  E  R

We've developed the Ampd Enertainer, an advanced, compact and connected battery system to replace the dirty, noisy and hazardous diesel generators that power the world's construction.


A Smart Battery
For Smarter Construction

Over 30,000 automotive grade battery cells, designed into fire and explosion-proof battery modules driven by high performance power electronics. Features, hardware and software carefully designed for the specific needs of construction sites.

Fully Electric

A state of the art battery system with high output power electronics powers the most demanding of loads. Enabling the use of zero or low carbon energy sources.

Zero Emissions

No direct "tailpipe" emissions. None of the harmful CO, CO₂ NOx, PM or SO₂ emissions of a diesel generator allowing for use in areas with poor ventilation.


Nearly thirty two times quieter than a diesel generator. Reduces noise pollution in the local community while allowing work to continue into noise sensitive hours.


Eliminate diesel handling, spills and devastating diesel fires. Lack of moving parts makes the system orders of magnitude safer by design.


Internet connectivity enables remote monitoring, device management, remote troubleshooting and data analytics.


Drop in replacement for most large diesel generators. Can be installed and ready for operation in under 2 hours.


Remotely monitored by Ampd for any issues. Quick and dedicated service team to support you on site.


Automatic recharging, few maintenance requirements and a smart modular design means almost no downtime for your site operations.

Render of Enertainer

How It Works

Urban construction today is powered by diesel generators to meet the heavy power draw of large machinery. The Enertainer can use any power source but works best with a small mains input to charge 24 hours a day and easily support the high power demands of typical construction equipment. No diesel. No fire hazards. No emissions. No hassle.

STEP - 1
Contact us
Tell us about your site setup, the equipment you would like to power and whether you would prefer to purchase or rent our products.
STEP - 2
Our experienced sales and engineering team will dig deep into your requirements and constraints through a detailed site and project survey.
STEP - 3
Quote & Proposal
We will prepare a proposal, covering our product recommendations, deployment plan, post-deployment care options, and full, clear and, transparent pricing.
STEP - 4
Installation & Training
Our deployment team will work with your site team for a smooth, hassle-free installation and provide them with the knowledge they need to get up and running.
Tonnes of CO2 per year that could be eliminated

Unfunded required infrastructure
spending through 2025

Generators in the
construction sector

Unfunded required infrastructure
spending through 2025

Tonnes of CO2 from construction

Unfunded required infrastructure
spending through 2025

What Our Customers Say

We've been conducting trials with some of Asia's largest and most innovative construction companies. Here's what they're saying about the Enertainer.

Andy Wong, Digital-G, Gammon Construction
Gammon Construction logo
Andy Wong
Head of Digital G
Gammon Construction

The Enertainer worked perfectly from the very beginning. Not only did we vastly reduce our CO2 emissions–a key focus for Gammon–but we did so with a lower OPEX. Even though this was the first time we deployed this technology, the performance data reporting system of the Enertainer gave us confidence. We are very excited about using this technology at other sites in future.

Eric Chu, Chun Wo
Chun Wo logo
Eric Chu
Senior Manager (Innovation & Business Development)
Chun Wo Development Holdings

“We’re always looking for ways to bring innovation to our construction sites. Working with Ampd has been a pleasure as they are focused on bringing solutions that not only allow us to reduce our environmental impact and bring valuable data insights but also work for us economically. Their team is always responsive, easy to deal with and seeking constant improvement. We look forward to continuing our relationship and seeing what’s next.”

Terence Hui, Paul Y. Engineering
Paul Y. Engineering logo
Terence Hui
Deputy Director - CEO Office
Paul Y. Engineering Group

“We are impressed by the performance of the Enertainer as it significantly reduces noise and air pollution compared to using diesel generators. It is a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. There is no need for our team to refuel the unit enabling us to streamline construction management and equipment maintenance.”

Case Studies

See how we’ve helped some of our customers reduce carbon emissions, noise levels, diesel handling and operating costs while increasing productivity and transparency of their operations.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us now with your site power requirements and we’ll get you started on your transition.

We're on the lookout for smart, talented and passionate people with engineering, business and design backgrounds. Drop us a line if you're interested in energy, startups, batteries, construction and leaving the world a little better than you found it.

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