Over 30,000 automotive grade battery cells, designed into fire and explosion-proof battery modules and high performance power electronics. With features, hardware and software carefully custom designed for the needs of the construction site. 

Fully Electric

Completely fossil fuel free energy source. A state of the art battery system with high output power electronics powers the most demanding of loads.


Upto thirty two times quieter than a diesel generator. Ideal for urban environments where the engine noise and vibration of a generator can be a disturbance

Zero Emissions

No direct "tailpipe" emissions. None of the harmful CO, CO2 NOx, PM or SO2 emissions of a diesel generator allowing for use in areas with poor ventilation. 


Eliminate diesel handling, spills and devastating diesel fires. Lack of moving parts makes the system orders of magnitude safer by design. 

Internet connectivity enables remote monitoring, device management, remote troubleshooting and data analytics.



Automatic recharging and nearly zero maintenance once installed. 


Drop in replacement for most large diesel generators between 200-600kVA. Can be installed and be ready for operation in under 2 hours. 

Support & Service

Constant 24/7, connected, remote monitoring by Ampd. Quick remote or on-site support within 4 hours. 





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Hong Kong

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